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We live in the 21st century and blackboard explanations are not clear enough. We believe that you , being a modern age student, need the technology that could make learning qualitative and interactive than the traditional teaching methods. We must move away from “Blackboard to Animation”.Easy Tenses provides easy to grasp explanations of complex grammar points in a very simple yet effective method with the help of animated characters and daily life actions.


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Our courses can be taken from any device you own – guaranteed. Whether you prefer to learn from your phone, tablet or laptop our courses will display properly with no playback issues.

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You can change the video resolution for slower connections by clicking on “HD” button  and choosing the resolution that works best for you. By default our player will detect your internet connection speed and play the videos in the highest quality it can while keeping load times to a minimum.

Interactive Quizzes

A quiz is a kind of game which can also be called ‘Mind Sport’. Quizzes play an integral part of e-learning and a fun way to study and improve one’s general knowledge. . Quizzes possess a great motivational force and help you remember what you learn. Studies have shown that taking interactive quizzes right after learning a topic, makes you more likely to retain for the long term. A variety of multiple choice, multiple answer and true/false questions will keep your interest in learning.

Interactive Quizzes

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There’s no English without Tenses. You must be really good at Tenses if you want to proceed to the Advanced level of English language. Whether it is Active/Passive, Direct/Indirect or Conditional Sentences, you can’t learn them without having a firm grip over Tenses. Easy Tenses strengthens your base and prepares you for the advanced level of English.

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